Har Chhatravratti Scholarship

Har Chatravritti Scholarship, Haryana

Har Chatravratti Scholarship 2024: The Department of Higher Education, Government of Haryana, oversees the Har Chatravratti Scholarship programme, which awards scholarships to eligible students from the general community as well as SC, OBC, and BC. The Har Chhatravratti Scholarship Portal will now accept applications from those who were waiting for the online application for the 2023–2024 session. For the 2022–2023 session, the online application deadline for this scholarship was 10.4.2023, and many of you were unable to finish the process by then. Because of this, the portal has been reopened for the 2023–24 session on August 1, 2023. By January 31, 2024, students can register online through the Har Chhatravratti Portal.

The Department of Higher Education, Government of Haryana, launched the Har Chhatravratti Scholarship Scheme in order to provide financial aid to worthy students. The state government provides scholarships under this programme to deserving and impoverished students who would like to continue their education but are unable to do so because of a lack of funding. Residents of Haryana who are enrolled in a private or public university within the state or who are studying for a professional degree from outside the state are eligible for this scholarship. You must, however, be enrolled in school in the SC/BC community.

Har Chatravratti Scholarship: Types

The following are some of the programmes that the Haryana government’s Department of Higher Education offers through the Har Chhatravratti Centric Scholarship Portal:

  • Post-Matric Scholarship for SC students
  • Post-Matric Scholarship OBC students
  • State Merit Scholarship for Girls Students (Under Graduate)
  • Haryana State Meritorious Incentives Scheme For General and SC
  • Free Books and Consolidated Stipend Scheme For SC
  • Haryana State Meritorious Incentives Scheme (CBSE Board)
  • Consolidated Stipend Scholarship For Grandchildren of Freedom Fighters
  • State Merit Scholarship For UG/PG Aspirants
  • And the Lower Income Group Scheme

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Har Chatravratti Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria

The main goal of the Har-Chhatravratti scholarship is to enable talented students from scheduled castes and other underprivileged groups to pursue higher education without financial barriers by offering financial aid. Thus, the eligibility requirements for the Har-Chhatravratti scholarship can be stated as follows:.

  • The pupil ought to live in Haryana permanently.
  • The applicant must be an OBC (other backward classes) or SC (scheduled caste).
  • The student needs to be enrolled in post-matriculated courses (from class 11 to PhD level) at this time.
  • At least 75% of the applicant’s previous class attendance was required.
  • The students’ family earnings, combined from all sources, must not exceed INR 2,50,000 annually.

Har Chatravratti Scholarship: Rewards

The goal of the Har-Chhatravratti Scholarship is to lower dropout rates among students from lower-class backgrounds. The Har-Chhatravratti scholarship is awarded to the chosen students as a reward and ranges in monthly amount from INR 300 to INR 820.

Har Chatravratti Scholarship

Documents required for the Har Chatravratti Scholarship

The Har-Chhatravratti scholarship allows deserving students to pursue their higher education without having to worry about money. The following documentation must be submitted in order to be considered for the Har Chhatravratti scholarship programme:

  • Adhaar card
  • passport-size photo
  • The digital signature of the applicant
  • Certificate of Family Income
  • Certificate of domicile for Haryana
  • Grade 10 mark sheet
  • 12th grade grade worksheet
  • Caste certificate
  • Pehchaan Patra Parivar
  • Refund of fees
  • Certificate of passing the prior exam (first-year students excluded)
  • Certificate of Death for Father, if any
  • BPL certification, if relevant

How to register online?

  • Visit the official website first at https://harchhatravratti.highereduhry.ac.in.
  • Next, press the button for student registration.
Har Chatravratti Scholarship
  • wherein the candidate must type their family ID and press the “Search” button.
  • The name of any additional applicant members listed in the family ID will be displayed upon clicking the search button.
  • Click “Generate OTP” after selecting the candidate’s name to register.

How do I apply for the Har Chhatravratti Scholarship?

Below is a detailed explanation of the Har-Chhatravratti scholarship application process. Students who meet the requirements for the Har-Chhatravratti scholarship are able to apply online via the Haryana scholarship portal. Below is a step-by-step application process for the scholarship programme.

1: The prospective applicant should go to the official scholarship website for Haryana.

2: They have to click the “New Student Registration” button that shows up on the page.

3: The applicant needs to correctly complete all fields and press the “Register” button.

4: The candidate will get the login credentials for the Har-Chhatravratti scholarship after completing the registration process successfully.

5: To obtain the login information, the candidate should go to the official Haryana scholarship website.

6: After that, they need to click the “Login” button and enter their username and password that they previously supplied.

7: In order to continue, they must next click the “Scholarship” button.

8: From there, they can choose which academic session to apply for the post-matriculation Har-Chhatravratti scholarship.

9: Applicants need to complete the application form completely and upload all necessary Har-Chhatravratti documents. The document should not be more than 2 MB in size.

10: Finally, they can apply for the Har-Chhatravratti scholarship programme by clicking the “Submit Application” button.

Har Chatravratti Scholarship

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Har Chhatravratti Scholarship Portal: Login and Submit Application

1: Start by going to the Har Chhatrabrati scholarship’s official website.

2: After inputting your password, user ID, and captcha code, click the login button.

3: Click the Apply for Scholarship link when the dashboard appears.

4: After choosing the scholarship programme, press the submit button.

5: Select a class period and confirm that the OTP was sent to the registered mobile number.

6: Enter the course, department, district, and course type when the Post-Matric Scholarship form opens.

7: Next, enter your personal and academic information, such as your name, Aadhaar number, area type, college or university roll number, and family income.

8: Upload files containing the applicant’s signature, photo, fee structures, 10th and 12th grade marksheets, residence, Aadhaar, income, and/or paste.

9: Double-check everything, then hit the apply button to send the form in.

Har Chatravratti Scholarship

How Do I Check the Status of the Har Chhatravratti Scholarship?

Applicants for the Har Chhatravratti Scholarship should check the status of their application to find out if the money has been approved and deposited into their bank account. The application is validated at different points after it is submitted. You can track your application to find out the status of your payment as well as whether it has been confirmed or is still pending. Below, we’ll walk you through checking the status:

1. Use the following link to access the Har Chhatravratti Post-Matric Scholarship Portal: www.harchhatravratti.highereduhry.ac.in.

2. To log in, enter your Captcha code, password, and username.

3. From the dashboard, choose the track application option.

4. After entering your Academic Session, Scheme Type, and Aadhaar Number, click the View button

5. You can check the status of your application, including the payment status and college/institute verification status, on the following page.

Har Chhatravratti Scholarship Amount List

The amount of the Har Chhatravratti Scholarship. The students receive the Har Chhatravratti Scholarship amount in two installments. Of which the Central Government provides 60% and the Government of Haryana provides 40%. This scholarship has a variable award amount based on the course tuition.

Name of SchemeCourse/GroupAmount
Post-Matric Scholarship for SCDegree and PG coursesHosteller: Rs 13500/p.a
Day scholars: Rs 7,000/p.a
Graduate and postgraduate, except the above twoHosteller: RS 9500/p.a
Day scholars: Rs 6500/p.a
Graduate and postgraduate, except the above twoHosteller: Rs 6,000/p.a
Day scholars: Rs 3000/p.a
Non-Degree CoursesHosteller: 4000/p.a
Day scholars: $2500/p.a
Post-Matric Scholarship for BCGroup AHosteller: Rs. 750/p.m
Day scholars: Rs. 350/p.m
Group BHosteller: Rs. 510/p.m
Day scholars: Rs 335/p.m.
Group CHosteller: Rs. 400/p.m
Day scholars: Rs. 210/p.m
Group DHosteller: Rs260/p.m
Day scholars: Rs 160/p.m
Free Books and Consolidated Stipend Scheme For SCPurchase of booksRs 2000/p.m
StipendRs 1000/p.m
Consolidated Stipend For Grand Children of Freedom FightersAllowanceOne-time Rs 2000
ScholarshipRs 1000/p.m
State Merit Scholarship for Girls Undergraduate CourseRs 3000/p.a
Haryana State Meritorious Incentives Scheme1st Merit listRs 5000/- p.a.
2nd Merit listRs 3000/- p.a.
3rd Merit listRs 2000/- p.a.
Haryana State Meritorious Incentives SchemeCBSE Toppers (one boy and one girl) Complete tuition Fees
State Merit Scholarship For UG/PG AspirantsMatricRs 50/p.m.
10+2Rs 100/p.m.
B.A./B.Sc./B.ComRs 150/p.m
M.A./M.Sc. /M.Com.Rs 300-585/p.m
B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.Rs 900/p.m
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Har Chhatravratti Scholarship 2024 Helpline

Helpline Contact No.: 7419800562, 7419800563, 7419800564, 7419800565 (Monday To Friday, 09:00 AM To 05:00 PM) / Email ID: Helpdeskdghescholarship@Gmail.Com

FAQs related to Har Chhatravratti Scholarship

Q.) What is the deadline for registering for the 2023 Har Chhatravratti Scholarship?

Ans: The online application deadline is January 31, 2024.

Q.) For whom is the Har Chhatravratti Scheme eligible?

Ans: Eligible students are those from the SC/BC community.

Q.) What is the Haryana Har Chhatravratti Scholarship’s income threshold?

Ans: The applicants’ family income should not exceed Rs 2.5 lakh per year.

Q.) How can objections in Har Chhatravati be verified?

Ans: Navigate to the Har-Chhatravrtti portal, choose Grievances > Track, enter the grievance number, and click the submit button.

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