Oasis Scholarship Amount

Oasis Scholarship Amount: Online Check, Benefits, Eligibility & FAQs

Oasis Scholarship Amount:- In the state of West Bengal, the Oasis Scholarship 2024 was introduced. to assist those afflicted with financial difficulties and poverty. The scholarship program for students in West Bengal State was started by the West Bengal government. Students can apply for the Scholarship if they wish to further their studies without having to worry about money. The Oasis scholarship is part of a larger program run by the West Bengal State Backward Classes Welfare Department. Fill out the application to apply for the Oasis scholarship if you meet the eligibility requirements. On the official website, obtaining the application form is simple.

About Oasis scholarship

One of the greatest scholarships provided by the government’s backward-class welfare department in West Bengal is the Oasis Scholarship. This scholarship program assists students from OBC and SC/ST communities in pursuing their dream education by providing financial support. The primary concentration is on pre- and post-metric scholarship. The principal objective of this scholarship program is to raise the literacy rate among the SC/ST and OBC categories. Applicants may submit their applications for the Oasis Scholarship at https://oasis.gov.in/, the official website.

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About Oasis Pre Matric Scholarship

Students may apply for the pre-matric Scholarship program through the official scholarship webpage if they haven’t finished their class 9 board examinations yet. Pre-matric scholarship possibilities enable students to apply for several forms of financial assistance that can support their academic pursuits. Due to financial difficulties, students may find it difficult to pay for their tuition at schools and colleges; nevertheless, with the help of this scholarship, they will be able to finish their education. The beneficiaries’ bank accounts will receive a direct transfer of the financial aid, which must be utilized to cover their tuition.

Oasis Scholarship Amount

About Oasis Post Matric Scholarship

Students who have finished their class 10 board exams and wish to finish their class 12 board examinations can apply for the Post Matric Scholarship program. Students who performed well on their class 10 board exams will typically be able to qualify for a post-matric scholarship. Due to the exorbitant cost of further education for children who fall under the SC and ST categories, the majority of students drop out after passing the class 10 board exams. In an effort to reduce the number of students dropping out, post-matric scholarships are now accepting applications via the Oasis site.

The objective of Oasis Scholarship Amount

The West Bengal government’s primary goal in offering these scholarships is to assist those from the socioeconomically disadvantaged segments of society. The Oasis scholarship recipients will receive monthly payments into their bank accounts. By visiting the official website, students can fill out the application form based on the category to which they belong. By clicking on the active link on the official website, students can register and also monitor the status of their scholarship applications. The Oasis Scholarship Amount List, which shows the details of the funding that the students will receive, is accessible in PDF format.

Key Features of Oasis Scholarship Amount

  • Important details on the funding that will be deposited into the recipient’s bank accounts can be found in the PDF list of the Oasis scholarship amounts.
  • The official Oasis scholarship gateway website will make it simple for students to get the Oasis Scholarship Amount List.
  • The official list will also include details about the many scholarship programs that are now live on the official website.
  • Students can download the official Oasis scholarship amount list to readily obtain the eligibility requirements for the scholarship.
  • The list will also contain information regarding the quota for each scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate needs to live in the state of West Bengal permanently.
  • The candidate must come from a segment of society that is economically disadvantaged.
  • The applicant’s annual income cannot exceed three lakh rupees.
  • The scholarship program of your choice will specify the required qualifications.

Benefits of Oasis Scholarship Amount

  • Students can obtain a comprehensive understanding of the amount of financial aid they are eligible for through the scholarship by downloading this list of scholarship amounts.
  • Students will have access to information regarding the requirements for eligibility and the amount of scholarships that are offered.
  • By adhering to the amount list, students will be able to receive financial aid while continuing their studies.
  • Using the amount list, Hostellers and Days Scholars will be able to determine the difference in the scholarship amount available to them.
  • Students will also benefit from the amount list, which gives them a sense of how many scholarships are accessible through the web.
Oasis Scholarship Amount

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Financial Assistance Benefits

The West Bengal government offers many forms of financial help to students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. To assist students in applying for various scholarship programs, the West Bengal government developed the Oasis portal. This scholarship program is exclusively available to students from the socioeconomically disadvantaged groups in society. Students apply for numerous kinds of scholarships mostly for cash rewards. In addition to regular students who attend class five days a week, hostels and days scholars also qualify for other forms of financial aid. As payment for the financial aid will be made straight into your bank account, be sure you have one.

Required Documents

  • West Bengal Certificate of Residence.
  • Certificate of Caste.
  • Income Statement.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Aadhar Card or any other form of official identification from the government.
  • a candidate’s passport-sized photo.
  • Provide Evidence.
  • Mark the report from the prior qualifying test.

Detailed Mention under Oasis Scholarship Amount List

  • Name of the Scheme
  • Rate of Grant
  • Ceiling of Family Income
  • Quota if there be any
  • Duration

Check Oasis Scholarship Amount List Online 2024

Sl.Name of the SchemeRate of GrantCeiling of Family IncomeQuota if there be anyDuration
1.Sikshashree to SCVI-Rs 500/- P.A.VII-Rs 650/- P.A.VIII-Rs 700/- P.A.IX-Rs 800/- P.A.Rs 2,50,000/-p.a.No QuotaOnce in a Year
2.Hostel Grant for S.C. Students Lodging in Schoolattached Hostel Rs 750/-p.m. Per StudentRs 36,000/-p.a.55,00010 Months in a year
3.Number of students that can be accommodatedRs 750/-p.m. Per Student + Rs 92/- p.m. for meeting other ExpensesRs 36,000/-Number of students thatcan be accommodated12 Months
4.Post-Matric Scholarship to S.C. HostellerHosteller(p.m.)State RateGr. I Rs1200/-p.m  Gr. II Rs820/- p.m  Gr. III Rs750/-p.m Gr. IV Rs750/-p.m GOI Rate Rs 1200/-p.m.Rs 820/-p.m.Rs 570/-p.m.Rs 380/-p.m. 
Day ScholarRs550/-p.m.Rs530/-p.m.Rs300/-p.m.Rs230/-p.m.
Rs2,50,000/- p.a.M.C. + Full FeesNo Quota12 Months
5.Merit Scholarship (V-X) for S.C GirlsV – VI-Rs100/- p.m. VII – VIII-Rs 125/- p.m.IX – X- Rs 150/- p.m. Rs 60,920/-196212 Months
6.Merit Scholarship(IX-XII) for SCRs 400/-p.m.Rs 36,000/-79012 Months
7.Upgradation of Merit for S.C. StudentsPackage Grant of Rs 15,000/- p.a. per StudentNo Ceiling36810 Months
8.Unclean Occupation from classes I-XHostellerIII to X – 700 /-p.m.Ad hoc Grant-1000/- p .a.Day ScholarI to X – 110 /-p.m.Adhoc Grant -750/-p.a.No ceilingNo quota10 months
9.Pre-Matric(CS) Scholarship for students belonging to SC (IX & X)Hosteller GOI Rate  Rs. 350/-p.m  AdhocGrant: Rs. 1000/-p.a State RateRs. 750/-p.mRs. 1000/-p.a Rs. 2,00,000/-No quota10 months
10.Pre-Matric Scholarship to O.B.C. StudentsOnce a Year44,500/- No quota10 months
11.Post-Matric Scholarship to O.B.C. StudentsHosteller Gr.A-750/-p.m. Gr.B -510/-p.m. Gr.C- 400/-p.m. Gr.D-260/-p.m.Day ScholarGr.A- 350/-p.m. Gr.B – 335/-p.m. Gr.C- 210/-p.m.Gr.D- 160/-p.m.  1,00,000/-p.a.M.C. + FeesNo quota10 months
Oasis Scholarship Amount

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Download the Oasis Scholarship Amount

  • First, students must go to the Oasis website.
  • On your screen, the main page will appear.
  • Navigate to the official Announcement site and select the “Scholarship Amount List” option.
  • You can download the list’s PDF file based on what appears on your screen.


Q.) What is the Oasis Scholarship’s scholarship amount?

Ans. On the official website, there will be an official amount list that includes the Oasis Scholarship amount.

Q.) What is the Oasis Scholarship’s official website?

Ans. Visit https://oasis.gov.in/ to access the Oasis Scholarship’s official webpage.

Q.) What is the Oasis Scholarship’s scholarship amount?

Ans. On the official website, there will be an official amount list that includes the Oasis Scholarship amount.

Q.) What makes the Oasis Scholarship worth downloading?

Ans. To obtain information about the scholarship amount and the scholarship quota, students must download the official Oasis Scholarship amount list.

Q.) When is the deadline for submitting an Oasis Scholarship application?

Ans. The deadline for applying for each of the scholarships listed on the official website will vary, including the Oasis Scholarship.


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