Sanskrit Scholarship 2024

Sanskrit Scholarship: Apply Online, Eligibility, Last Date & Application Form

Sanskrit Scholarship 2024:- The government-designated university, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, situated in Delhi, provides the esteemed Sanskrit scholarship as a means of advancing the language. In India, Sanskrit is an ancient language. Sanskrit is the primary language used in the majority of Hindu scriptures, religious texts, hymns, and holy writings. Our forefathers spoke the language fluently. The language has nearly neared extinction over time. The village of Mattur, located in Karnataka, is the only one in India where people still speak the original language.

That means that fewer than 1% of people on the planet speak Sanskrit. The Indian government has made efforts to create centers of excellence for the preservation of the language’s rich cultural legacy on occasion. In this context, the MHRD government provides merit scholarships in Sanskrit for students pursuing various educational levels. This page provides comprehensive details on the Sanskrit Scholarship 2024, such as the application deadline, eligibility, form to be filled out, documents needed, process of selection, renewal, incentives, and advantages.

What Is the Sanskrit Scholarship?

The Government of India has introduced a Sanskrit scholarship program to assist students pursuing Sanskrit courses. The student will receive definition assistance under this scholarship so they may finish their education without worrying about money obstacles. After meeting the requirements, the student can go to the organization’s official website to complete the application. To ensure that they can continue their studies without concern for money, students will receive financial aid.

Highlights Of Sanskrit Scholarship

Provided byRashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Deemed University)
Scholarship NameSanskrit Scholarship
Application ModeOnline
Last Date of ApplicationMarch 31, 2024
Helpline Number011-28520979
Sanskrit Scholarship 2024

Important Dates

  • The procedure of filling out online application forms will soon begin.
  • We will provide an updated application deadline later.

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The Sanskrit Scholarship is an initiative of the Indian Ministry of Education. Its goal is to

  • Advance the study of Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit.
  • Assist students who choose to major in or choose Prakrit, Pali, or Sanskrit as an elective.
  • Urge the pupil to enroll in a more advanced Sanskrit education program.

Duration Of Sanskrit Scholarship

Class 9/Purva-Madhyama first year10 months
Class 10/Purva-Madhyama first year10 months
Class 11/Prak-Shastri second/Uttar Madhyama- second year10 months
Class 12/Prak-Shastri second/Uttar Madhyama- second year10 months
B.A/B.A (Hons)/Shastri-second year 10 months
B.A/B.A (Hons)/Shastri-third year 10 months
B.A/B.A (Hons)/shastri-third year 10 months
Acharya/M.A-first year10 months
Acharya/M.A-second year10 months
Vidyavaridhi/PhD2 years 


Class 9/Purva-Madhyama first yearINR 500 per month
Class 10/Purva-Madhyama first yearINR 500 per month
Class 11/Prak-Shastri second/Uttar Madhyama- second yearINR 600 per month
Class 12/Prak-Shastri second/Uttar Madhyama- second yearINR 600 per month
B.A/B.A (Hons)/Shastri-first year INR 800 per month
B.A/B.A (Hons)/Shastri-second year INR 800 per month
B.A/B.A (Hons)/Shastri-third year INR 800 per month
Acharya/M.A-first yearINR 1000 per month
Acharya/M.A-second yearINR 1000 per month
Vidyavaridhi/PhDINR 2500 per month

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, candidates must pass the qualifying exam and choose to major in or minor in Sanskrit, Pali, or Prakrit in their current course or class.

CourseQualifying Exam 
Class 9/ Purva-Madhyama first yearClass 8 annual exam with 60% marks 
Class 10/ Purva-Madhyama first yearClass 9 annual exam with 60% marks 
Class 11/ Prak-Shastri second/Uttar Madhyama- second yearClass 10 board with 60% marks 
Class 12/ Prak-Shastri second/Uttar Madhyama- second yearClass 11 annual exam with 60% marks 
B.A/ B.A (Hons)/ Shastri-second year 10+2 board with 60% marks 
B.A/ B.A (Hons)/ Shastri-third year Shastri/ B.A/ B.A (Hons) second-year exam with 60% marks 
B.A/ B.A (Hons)/ shastri-third year B.A/ B.A (Hons)/ Shastri-first year 
Acharya/ M.A-first yearGraduation with 60% marks 
Acharya/ M.A-second yearAcharya/ M.A first year with 60% marks 
Vidyavaridhi/ PhDM.A in Sanskrit with 60% marks 


The following table lists the prizes and perks that the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan provides as part of its Sanskrit scholarships:

Type of CourseScholarship Amount
Students of Class 9 and 10 or Purva-Madhyama or equivalent studying Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit as a paper of at least 100 marksINR 250 per month for 10 months
Students of Class 11 and 12 or Uttar-Madhyama/Prakshastri or equivalent studying Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit as a paper of at least 100 marksINR 300 per month for 10 months
Students pursuing graduation/Shastri or equivalent with Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit as a subject of at least 100 marksINR 400 per month for 10 months
Students pursuing an MA in Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit or Acharya or an equivalent postgraduate degreeINR 500 per month for 10 months
Students studying Vidyavaridhi or Ph.D. in Sanskrit/ Pali/ PrakritStudents pursuing an MA in Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit or Acharya or equivalent postgraduate degree

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Sanskrit Scholarship 2024

How to Apply for Sanskrit Scholarship 2024?

The Sanskrit scholarship application procedure differs greatly from that of other scholarships. Before candidates start the application process, the educational institution should have its profile set up online on the official Sanskrit scholarship webpage. Below is a step-by-step explanation of the same in further detail:

  • Visit the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Scholarship’s official website at [].
  • Candidates should familiarise themselves with the organization’s information booklet before starting the application process. Therefore, make sure you comprehend and thoroughly read the requirements.
  • The educational institutions need to sign up on the portal first. To register, click the relevant link and fill out the form.
  • Within a week of registration, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, the Sanskrit scholarship provider under MHRD, will verify the educational institution’s details.
  • Details can be changed or amended under requirements if there is a difference in the institution’s entered registration details. To take the necessary action before the deadline, click the link.
  • Candidates can verify the registration of the educational institution’s profile by selecting it from a drop-down menu on their application form.
  • Their institution will show up in the list IF it is correctly registered. Additionally, an official email address belonging to the educational institution will get a confirmation message.
  • Candidate consultation with the institution head is available in cases where an educational institution’s registration is unsuccessful.
  • Applicants from universities that have successfully registered can go into the official portal, fill out the application completely, attach supporting documentation, and submit it.

Terms and Conditions

Prospective candidates should review the Sanskrit scholarship terms and conditions.

  • In the preceding academic standard, the applicant must have received at least 60% (General), 55% (OBC), 50% (SC/ST/Divine Body), or an equal grade.
  • The applicant’s primary or elective topic for additional study must be one of Sanskrit, Pali, or Prakrit.
  • Reapplying for the scholarship is required of candidates. The following academic year does not automatically renew it.
  • Uploading documents or sending them by mail or another method shouldn’t be necessary.
  • To transfer cash, students must open an account with any nationalized bank, ideally State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank, Canara Bank, or Union Bank of India.
  • Connecting the bank account to the Aadhar number is mandatory.
  • Each academic year, the scholarship amount will be due on July 1st.
  • Participants in this program who are already receiving scholarships will not be eligible to receive further advantages.
  • Students who take up paid employment during the scholarship period will not be eligible to receive any benefits from this program.
  • Students enrolled in any other course of study that does not include Sanskrit will not be eligible to get the benefits of this programme.

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Q.) How may I apply for the 2024 Sanskrit Scholarship?

Ans. Applying under this program is possible by going to

Q.) Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Sanskrit Scholarship 2024?

Ans. If applicants run into problems applying for this scholarship, they can get in touch with 011-28524993, 011-28524995.

Q.) What advantages does the Sanskrit Scholarship 2024 offer?

Ans. Benefits for applicants will vary according to their class.

Q.) When is the deadline for Sanskrit Scholarship applications in 2024?

Ans. The application period for this scholarship is now closed.


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