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Scholarship Jharkhand: Apply Online, Eligibility Criteria & Last Date

Scholarship Jharkhand:-  The Jharkhand government established the E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship 2024 for the state’s economically disadvantaged pupils. With the help of this scholarship, all students from underprivileged backgrounds will be able to continue their studies without having to worry about money. All Jharkhand state students who fall within the SC, ST, or BC social categories are eligible to apply for this award. Any student who meets the requirements for eligibility is eligible to apply for this scholarship and receive its advantages. All Jharkhand state students have the wonderful opportunity to further their studies and realize their aspirations through scholarships.

What is the E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship 2024?

The state of Jharkhand established the E Kalyan for students who belong to the SC, ST, and BC categories. Thanks to this funding, the students won’t have to worry about money to complete their studies. The E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship is available to pre- and post-matriculated students in the state of Jharkhand. The E-Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship is only available to students who reside in the state of Jharkhand. To apply for the Jharkhand E-Kalyan scholarship, students must go to the official website and fill out the form. November 24, 2023, is the deadline for post-matriculation applications, and February 20, 2024, is the deadline for pre-matriculation applications for all students interested in applying for the E Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship.

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Key Highlights of E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship

Name of the schemeE Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship
Launched byJharkhand state government
ObjectiveProvide financial assistance
BeneficiariesSC, ST and BC students of the state
Official websiteE Kalyan Website
Scholarship Jharkhand


The E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship’s primary goal is to give financially disadvantaged kids in society access to free education. Students may concentrate on their studies without having to worry about money thanks to this grant. This initiative is available to students in Jharkhand state who belong to the SC, ST, and BC categories. The Jharkhand state’s pre- and post-matriculated students are eligible for this program. By visiting the official website, anyone who meets the eligibility requirements can easily apply for this scheme. The course the student is taking will determine how much of the scholarship they receive. The scholarship award amounts over days Hostlers and scholars are not the same thing.

Jharkhand Post Matric Scholarship

The Jharkhand government introduced a scholarship program called the Kalyan Jharkhand Post-Matric Scholarship. to give state students who are struggling financially the financial support they need to continue their studies. This program is available to all students who fall into the SC, ST, and BC social groups. The tuition, housing, board, and other expenses associated with their studies will all be paid for by this program. The post-matric scholarship is available to students enrolled in the tenth grade. All a student needs to do to apply for the post-matric scholarship is visit the E-Kalyan scholarship’s official website.

Jharkhand Pre-Matric Scholarship

Applications for the E-Kalyan Jharkhand pre-matric scholarship are open to all students enrolled in grades 1 through 10. Students who identify as OBC or SC/ST members of society are the only ones eligible for this scholarship. For those children enrolled in first through 12th grade who wish to continue their education beyond the tenth-grade exam, the E Kalyan Jharkhand Pre-matric Scholarship will provide support. Through the official website, all eligible students can apply for their pre-matriculation scholarship.


  • With the help of the E Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship, students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to continue their studies.
  • The money from this scholarship will be deposited straight into the beneficiary’s bank account, assisting SC, ST, and BC students in creating better futures for themselves.
  • Students will be inspired to study hard by this scholarship.

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Scholarship Jharkhand

Post Matric Reward Details

Course groupTuition fees academic allowance/maintenance fees etc(in Rs)
HostellersDay scholars 
Group 1 A1,00,00090,000
Group 1 B90,00085,000
Group 1 C85,00080,000
Group 2 A75,00070,000
Group 2 A70,00065,000
Group 2 C65,00060,000
Group 345,00040,000
Group 435,00030,000

Pre-Matric Reward Details

Classes HostellersDay Scholars
Scholarship for 10 months(in Rs)
Classes 1 to 515001500
Classes 5 to 820002500
Classes 8 to 1045004500

E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship for SC ST Students

The Jharkhand government started offering scholarships to state students who identify as SC or ST. Students in the SC and ST categories are eligible to apply for this scholarship. With the help of this scholarship, students will be able to finish their education in the state and advance their careers. For their bank accounts to receive the benefits of this scheme directly, students must present their caste and category certificates.

E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship for OBC Students

For OBC kids, the E Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship would enable them to pursue higher education without having to worry about money. They will be able to pursue their goals of studying further thanks to this grant. Students from other backward classes will also be eligible for financial aid; however, they will need to present their caste certificate. The relevant authorities renew the OBC caste certificate annually, after which the students submit it for consideration by the scholarship community.

Jharkhand E Kalyan Scholarship for Minority Students

Minority students in the state of Jharkhand frequently face prejudice because of their caste and category. The Jharkhand government has established scholarship possibilities that would offer all pupils free education to assist end the discriminatory procedure. By selecting the registration option, students can complete the application form for the Jharkhand minority scholarship programs that are available on the Kalyan portal. To be considered for the benefits, make sure you provide all necessary documentation. Your bank accounts will receive a direct transfer of the awards.

Register online for the Jharkhand Scholarship through E Kalyan by 2024.

  • You must visit the E Kalyan website to register for the scholarship online.
  • Select Student Registrations from the home screen.
  • An additional page will open on your screen.
  • Complete the registration form and provide all necessary information.
  • To finish the procedure, select the submit option.

Selection Process

  • The student must be a citizen of the state of Jharkhand to be considered for the E-Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship.
  • The award is only available to students in the SC, ST, and BC categories.
  • The pupil needs to be enrolled in classes or studying in school.
  • For the student to be considered for the scholarship, they must meet all qualifying requirements.
  • Students whose family income exceeds INR 2.5 lakh annually are not eligible to apply for this plan.

Login under E Kalyan Jharkhand Scholarship

  • Visit the official website by clicking this link to register for the scholarship program.
  • Select the choice from the homepage. The post-matriculated student log-in (2022-23)
  • Choose between pre-matric and post-matric courses using the pop-up bar that appears.
  • An additional page will open on your screen.
  • Sign in with your password and mobile number.
Scholarship Jharkhand

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Contact Details

  • Helpdesk No’s: 040-23120591,040-23120592,040-23120593
  • Email ID:


Q.) For whom is the e-Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship available?

Ans. Applications for E-Kalyan Jharkhand are only open to students enrolled in Jharkhand state as well as those who fall under the SC, ST, and OBC categories.

Q.) What is the scholarship recipient’s expected award amount?

Ans. The courses determine the grant amount.

Q.) Which website is Scholarship 2023’s official one?

Ans. is the scholarship’s official website.

Q.) What is the Scholarship helpline number?

Ans. 040-23120591, 040-23120592, and 040-23120593 are the hotline numbers for the Scholarship.


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