Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test 2024: Application Process, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, And More Details

Coding Ninja Scholarship Test 2024: Coding Ninja provides the best programming training courses available in India. However, not everyone will be able to purchase their courses due to financial constraints. Thus, to meet the aspirations of the less fortunate, Coding Ninjas conducts scholarship tests (CNSAT) and offers its courses at sharp discounts.

If you are short on money or unable to pay for coding Ninjas courses for any reason, this coding Ninjas scholarship test is for you. Just give the exam your all, take advantage of great savings, and take the first step towards your ambition.

Students who want to take coding courses can benefit from the Coding Ninja Scholarship Test. Students that perform well on the test will be awarded scholarships. The authorities administer exams to the students each month in an effort to aid them. The candidate’s examination results determine the scholarship amount. Candidates who are interested may apply online.

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

Coding Ninja Scholarship Test: Overview

  • Name of the scheme: Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test
  • Launched by: Coding Ninjas
  • Launched for: Students
  • Benefits: fee concession
  • Mode of application: online
  • Official site: Coding Ninjas

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List of Courses

  • Algorithm and data structure
    • Basic python with data structure and algorithm
    • Basics of Java with data structure and algorithm
    • DS and advanced algorithms in c++ life
    • Basics of c++ with data structure and algorithm
  • Competitive programming
  • Interview Preparation
    • System design
    • Aptitude preparation
    • Operating system
    • Database management system
    • Service-based companies courses
    • Product-based companies’ courses
    • Jobs which program
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Android development
  • Web development
    • MERN stack: full-stack web development
    • Nodejs-full-stack web development
    • React: front-end web development

Benefits Of Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

Students who score well enough on the 30-question test may be eligible for scholarships in coding. In direct proportion to the student’s academic achievement, the scholarship amount rises. Let’s examine the various ranking factors for various percentages of scholarships.

Every other participant receives a 10% scholarship, regardless of their score. The terms and conditions for the 2024 Coding Ninja Scholarship Test are as follows:.

  • The top three scorers will each receive a 100% scholarship.
  • 75% of the scholarship will go to the top 4–10 rank holders.
  • Scholarships will be awarded to all students who secure a high percentage after ranking 10 as follows:
    • A 50% scholarship will be awarded to the top 5%.
    • 5–10% will receive a scholarship worth 40%.
    • 11–15% will receive a scholarship worth 35%.
    • 15–20% will receive a scholarship worth 30%.
    • 25 to 40 percent will receive a scholarship.
    • A 20% scholarship will be awarded to 40–50%.
    • 10% of the scholarship will go to the rest.

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Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

Pattern of Examination

  • MCQ-based questions will be included in the test.
  • There are just going to be thirty questions.
  • There will be inquiries about the following:
    • Combinations and Permutations
    • Chance
    • Work and time
    • percentages
    • Gains and losses
    • Interest rates, both simple and compound
    • Ages
    • Standard Deviations
    • A clock and calendar (not too imprecise)
    • Distance, time, and speed
    • Systems of numbers

Application fee

In order to take the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test, you must register for it and pay 99 rupees.
When submitting the application, the fee must be paid.

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test 2024 Application Procedure

  • You must go to the Coding Ninjas website in order to apply for the scholarship test.
  • It is necessary that you choose the scholarship event option from the portal’s main page.
  • The screen will change to a new page where you must choose the “Register Now” option.
  • Use your Facebook, Google, or email address to register, or enter your email address.
  • When you click the “continue new” button, the application will open.
  • Give the necessary information, such as your qualifications and mobile number.
  • Click “Proceed” to pay and settle the application fee.
  • Finish the payment procedure and send the form in.

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FAQ’s on the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test:

Q.) Should I take the scholarship exam even though my aptitude is poor?

Ans: Yes, you should take the test because all students who take the test will receive a minimum 10% discount. Therefore, you will still receive a discount of about Rs 1000 on courses even if you don’t do well on the test. This is a great deal because you only have to pay Rs 48 and receive a discount of about Rs 1000 on courses.

As a result, you should take the test without worrying about the outcome.

Q.) How long is the test going to last?

Ans: You have one hour to complete the exam, which consists of thirty questions based on aptitude.

Q.) How much time is needed to study for the exam?

Ans: Students already know most of the material. And all they have to do is update the ideas. To ace the scholarship exam, all it takes is a week of preparation.

It will also require one to two months of preparation if you are starting from scratch.

Q.) Does the test include any questions about programming?

Ans: There are no questions about programming in the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Exam. Therefore, you are still able to take the test even if you have never programmed before.

Q.) Will My Registration Fees (INR 99) Be Refunded If I Miss the Exam?

Ans: No, there is never a refund for the INR 99 registration fee.

Q.) Can I buy the course before the results are made public?

Ans: Indeed, you can. You don’t have to wait for the outcome. If you bought the course before the results were announced, you will receive your money back in your wallet.

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