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Prerana Scholarship 2023-24: Important Dates, Eligibility, Rewards, Application Process & Documents 

Prerana Scholarship 2023-24: The Department of ST & SC Development and Minority & Other Backward Classes Welfare, Government of Odisha, has established the Prerana Scholarship, a post-matric scholarship webpage. Prerana was established with the primary goal of helping the state’s economically disadvantaged students by providing financial aid. It also seeks to streamline the application and delivery of scholarship funds on time to qualified students’ bank accounts.

Given below are some of the key functions of the online scholarship portal:

  • Students can use the platform to submit their applications online from anywhere at any time.
  • Students can use it to monitor the progress of their applications.
  • It facilitates students’ fresh applications with the same credentials to a new college course.
  • Additionally, barcoding is available, which enables officials to weed out fraudulent applications.
  • At different processing phases, SMS and email alerts are sent to students and educational institutions.
  • Only the institutes have the ability to renew applications (importing those from the previous year).
  • Scholarship applications are automatically and in bulk processed, which benefits the institutions.
  • The Sanctioning Authority now has an easier time sanctioning scholarships.
  • automatic transfer of scholarship funds to the bank account of the student.
  • The Department and State Authority can now easily keep an eye on scholarships.

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List Of scholarships & Awards

Prerana Scholarship
Scholarship NameApplication PeriodAwards
Post-matric Scholarship for EBCNovember-JanuaryActual course and tuition fees, admission costs, library and sports fees, and maintenance allowances up to INR 350 for day scholars and INR 750 for hostellers as well as other fees
Post-matric Scholarship for OBC/SEBCNovember-JanuaryReal course and tuition fees, entrance fees, library and sports fees, and maintenance allowances up to INR 350 for day students and INR 750 for hostellers
Post-matric Scholarship for SCNovember-JanuaryActual course/tuition fees, admission costs, library and sports fees, and maintenance allowances up to INR 1,200 for hostellers and INR 5,50 for day scholars
Post-matric Scholarship for ST
November-JanuaryActual course/tuition fees, admission costs, library and sports fees, and maintenance allowances up to INR 1,200 for hostellers and INR 550 for day scholars

Eligibility Criteria

Prerana Scholarship 2023-24: Candidates from the state of Odisha are eligible to apply for the post-matriculation scholarships listed on PRERANA. The candidates’ post-matriculation enrollment in any of the courses listed under Groups I, II, III, and IV is another essential requirement for eligibility.

Prerana Scholarship

Group I: Postgraduate and graduate-level courses in veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering, and medicine. Courses for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), PG Diploma in Management and Medicine, Postdoctoral Programmes (D. Lit, D. Sc., etc.), M.Phil., Ph.D., and Accountancy courses, LLM

Group II: Graduate and postgraduate programmes leading to degrees and certifications in fields such as mass communication, hotel management, pharmacy, nursing, paramedical, LLB, and interior design, among others. Postgraduate programmes such as MA, M.Sc., M.Com., M.Ed., M.Pharma, etc.

Group III: three more courses
Group IV: two-year vocational courses, three-year diploma, ITI, and +2

Below are the specific requirements for eligibility that a student must meet in order to apply for the award:-

Detailed Eligibility For Prerana Scholarships

Scholarship NameEligibility Conditions
Post-matric Scholarship for EBC               The applicant’s family’s total yearly income from all sources cannot be more than INR one lakh.   The candidate may only be pursuing higher education from government institutions.   The applicant needs to be enrolled in any of the programmes listed in Groups I, II, III, and IV.   Only EBCs in the General category are eligible for this scholarship programme.
Post-matric Scholarship for OBC/SEBC  The annual income of the applicant’s family cannot be more than INR 1 lakh.   The applicant must have received at least 50% of the possible points on the previous exam.   The candidate must be a permanent resident of Odisha.   A post-matriculation enrollment in any of the courses indicated under Groups I, II, III, and IV is a requirement for the candidate.   The applicant’s place of study must be a public or private institution.  
Post-matric Scholarship for ST  The candidate’s family income cannot be more than INR 2.5 lakh per year.   The candidate must live in Odisha permanently.   Post-matriculation studies in any of the courses listed under Groups I, II, III, and IV are required of the applicant.   Studying at a government-run or privately recognised institution is required of the student.
Post-matric Scholarship for SC  The applicant’s family income cannot be more than INR 2.5 lakh per year.   The candidate must live in Odisha permanently.   It is required of the applicant that they are pursuing post-matriculation studies in any of the courses listed under Groups I, II, III, and IV.   A government-approved private institution or one recognised by the government must be the applicant’s place of study.
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Prerana Scholarship: Key Documents

Candidates who wish to apply for scholarships from PRERANA must bring scanned copies of a few documents with them. The applicants upload these files when completing the online scholarship application. The list of papers that need to be uploaded is below:

  • Adhaar number
  • The photo of the applicant
  • Caste certificate
  • Income Declaration
  • Certificate of Matriculation
  • Certificate of Residency
  • A copy of the applicant’s bank account passbook’s first page, which includes the account number and the branch’s IFSC code
  • Certificate of prior examination

Prerana Scholarship: Terms & Conditions

Applicants must bear in mind a few terms and conditions when applying for the scholarships after learning about the eligibility requirements, application deadline, application process, and awards. The following are some significant guidelines and norms that the candidates should take into consideration:

  • Scholarship applicants are required to supply the accurate bank account number, which should be in their name.
  • Because the application contains sensitive information about the applicant, applicants must keep their application ID and password private.
  • To avoid rejection and possible legal action, applicants must complete out the form accurately. If they do not, they risk having their application denied.
  • Applications from different institutions will be handled in order of receipt for an early scholarship payout.
  • The candidate does not need to resubmit their caste certificate and proof of income if they are reapplying for the same scholarship.
  • When registering online, candidates need to have their roll number, year of graduation, and the name of the matric exam board ready.

Prerana Scholarship: Application Process

The only way for candidates to be considered for the PRERANA scholarships is to apply online. Applications were already accepted via the PRERANA portal. But starting in 2020–21, applications can be submitted via the State Scholarship Portal, an official Odisha government scholarship website. Here is a comprehensive guide explaining the application process for these scholarships.

Prerana Scholarship
  • Go to the State Scholarship Portal’s official website.
  • If you are a new user, click the “Registration” button to register on the portal; otherwise, use the “Login” button to log in.
  • Proceed with the registration process by providing your Aadhar number. You will receive your User ID and password for login on your registered email address and mobile number when you successfully register.
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in. It will open, the application form.
  • Complete the application form with all required information, click “Save as draught” to save the draught, and then click “Next” to move on. Upload each supporting file.
  • You will see a preview of your finished application. Kindly download and check it. Additionally, print off the application.

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Prerana Scholarship: Selection Process

Merit plays a role in the PRERANA Scholarship selection process. The institute will examine the applications it has received first. After that, send the applications to the DWOs, or District Welfare Officers. After that, the DWOs will approve the applications and choose the pupils. As a result, the DWO’s choice will determine the final finalists. The awarded candidate’s bank account will then receive the scholarship money.

Prerana Scholarship: Contact Details

If applicants have any questions or have any issues with submitting their applications, they can email to the district welfare officer in question.

Email ID:

FAQs On Prerana Scholarship

Q.) What is the Prerana Scholarship?

Ans: In the Indian state of Odisha, the government offers scholarships under the PRERANA programme. Network Automation and Post-Matric Scholarship Registration Release is known as PRERANA. Its goal is to give students from scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST), and other backward classes (OBC) financial aid so they can pursue post-matriculation education.

Q.) Who is eligible for the Prerana Scholarship?

Ans: Eligible students must be residents of Odisha, belong to SC, ST, or OBC categories, meet income criteria, and pursue post-matriculation courses in recognized institutions.

Q.) What documents are required for the Prerana Scholarship application?

Ans: Typically, applications call for a valid certificate from the school, transcripts from previous coursework, bank account details, caste and income certifications, and identity documents. For more precise information, see the previously referenced article.

Q.) How are Prerana Scholarships awarded?

Ans: Financial resources, caste classification, academic merit, and qualifying requirements all play a role in the scholarship decisions. The official website features the final selection list.

Q.) When and how are the money from the Prerana Scholarship awarded?

Ans: The academic year-long distribution of funds is contingent upon both acceptable attendance and academic advancement, and occurs through installment payments made via direct bank transfers.

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